The Designship is a multidisciplinary studio, anchored in Ahmedabad, with its crew members spread across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore.

Along with its partner consultants, the studio works widely in the areas of Space design, Branding & Communication design and Design research.

The team is a mix of visual communication designers and industrial designers with skills in graphic design, exhibition and experience design, space design, furniture design and lifestyle accessory design – with a substantial experience in the respective field.

At The Designship, for any project, our team works together with each crewmember bringing in a unique perspective from their arena of expertise. This makes sailing more fun, and the outcome even more interesting.

Our process is versatile and custom-made for each project. The only constant is systems planning. We believe in organized and a channeled design process, providing due importance to each step of design intervention leading to a satisfactory and worthwhile outcome.